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About AIDS Bicycle Cruise KC

The AIDS Bicycle Cruise is an annual fundraising event for the AIDS Service Foundation of Greater Kansas City.  The cruise is a leisurely charity ride that benefits those living with HIV and AIDS in Kansas City. The 12th Bicycle Cruise will be held Sunday, September 11th, 2016. Last year over 250 riders participated and helped raise over $30,000, which also helps prevent new infections--together we’re creating an AIDS-Free Generation! Click here for more details!

How is the AIDS Bicycle Cruise related to AIDS Walk Kansas City and the AIDS Service Foundation of Greater Kansas City? 

Both the AIDS Bicycle Cruise and AIDS Walk Kansas City are annual fundraising events for the AIDS Service Foundation of Greater Kansas City, whose board distributes the money to AIDS service organizations. 

Where does the money I raise go?
The money that is raised by AIDS Bicycle Cruise and other organizations and events is primarily divided between four service organizations by the AIDS Service Foundation of Greater Kansas City: You'll get a unique opportunity to learn more about each one when you take part in the Aids Bicycle Cruise.

Kansas City CARE Clinic
The Kansas City CARE Clinic exists to promote health and wellness by providing quality health care services, at no charge, to people without access to basic care. Today the clinic provides basic health care services in general medicine, HIV prevention and primary care, behavioral health, and dentistry.

SAVE, Inc. provides comprehensive housing solutions to empower socially and medically disadvantaged people to improve their health and lead stable lives with personal dignity.

Good Samaritan Project
The mission of Good Samaritan Project is to provide supportive and responsive care for a diverse community of individuals affected by HIV/AIDS and to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS through education and advocacy.

Hope Care Center
Hope Care Center is a non-profit skilled, long-term-care nursing facility for persons challenged by HIV/AIDS. Our small size enables us to create an environment that is more like "home" than an institution.

What other fundraising events are there?
AIDS Walk Open
The pub crawl everybody’s talking about! Held on the first Saturday in March each year – bring your team of four golfers and visit twelve bars (each with their own mini-golf hole) and compete for some fantastic prizes! A free bus service takes you from bar to bar, with Miller Lite drink specials and opportunities to make new friends. This is an event to dress up for, and remember to bring your own putter and balls.

Mosaic Project
We display over 1,000 glazed ceramic tiles and art pieces created by local youth, artists and volunteers on First Friday in April of each year in the Crossroads District at 2020 Baltimore. Each tile is an individual interpretation of the project's theme: A World Without AIDS. In addition to the artwork, area art students from local schools watch an HIV prevention educational video created by the Mosaic Team before creating the tiles.

Millennial League
A group of young adults of the Millennial Generation passionate about promoting HIV/AIDS awareness across all ages, cultures, ethnicity and gender. The Millennial League is an affiliate of the AIDS Service Foundation of Greater Kansas City. They support the Foundation's mission to raise funds for our local AIDS service organizations and awareness of HIV/AIDS in our community by hosting parties and events.

KC Artists Against AIDS
Artists have been a huge part of AIDS Walk Kansas City, and we’re a group of artists, writers, photographers, video artists, set designers, costumers, actors, directors, sculptors…all banding together to do what we do best…create art. This art carries a message that AIDS is going to lose.

World AIDS Day
Every year on December 1, World AIDS Day, campaigners from all over the world come together to bring attention to the global AIDS epidemic. We have luncheons and events to highlight our achievements and keep an awareness of the danger of HIV and AIDS. Our campaign to stop AIDS is not just on World AIDS Day, but throughout the year.

Parties and Events
We celebrate our community and each other with events and celebrations where we gather to raise both money and awareness of HIV/AIDS in our community.

What is the Community Fund?
This fund awards grants to not-for-profit organizations that help others dealing with HIV/AIDS, provide support to their families and friends, and/or promote education and prevention. Application form here.